Our farm is growing.

Inserted in 2021, ours is a semi-wild Cinta Senese farm that extends over a hectare of land where the pigs are free to move and graze.

The Cinta Senese is a pig breed originally from Tuscany that is easily recognizable by its black coat and skin and by the presence of a white band that surrounds its withers, shoulders, chest and front legs, known as the "cinta".

The main foods of our animals are the fruits of the forest such as acorns, olives, strawberry trees and tubers. In periods of low productivity of the forest, the diet is integrated with the best noble grasses such as corn, barley, wheat, rye and oats.

This type of farming makes the flavor of the meat unique and unmistakable, with positive effects on its sapidity and succulence, which is redder and tastier than that of other pigs.

But the real difference with other pork is actually its texture. Cinta Senese meat has a high level of intramuscular fat but made up of unsaturated, i.e. good, fatty acids. The fat is therefore softer, with larger cells and rich in water, with a more fluid texture, very pleasant on the palate.

To obtain an excellent quality product at km 0, our pigs, once they are one year old, are slaughtered in the Company, sectioned and finally processed by the expert hands of Enrico, a butcher for over 40 years.

All that remains now is to taste our Cinta Senese.


Our passion for product quality has always been with us.

We have dedicated ourselves to 0 km production, as well as for our pigs, also for the olive harvest, from which the oil of our land comes.

The land is located right along the road that leads to the Agriturismo, the path will guide you to our table, where you can taste all the dishes enriched by the golden and lively drops of our extra virgin olive oil.

Every year Enrico's expert hands dedicate themselves to harvesting the olives by hand and with the help of specific machinery. Each olive, having reached the maximum point of ripeness, is ready for pressing and starting the production process of our oil.

Agriturismo La Mignola